After receiving several visits from Dr. Bachenheimer, I knew that this is the best decision I could have made for myself. Upon awaking every morning with aches and pains, when I walk out after a therapy session I feel so much better. Better than “new money”!!!! Thank you so much Dr. Ronda!
– Patricia C

I have been seeing Dr. Ronda Bachenheimer for about a month for back pain and fibromyalgia. She is the first doctor to address the muscle pain I have through adjustments and pressure point therapy. I highly recommend her.
– Barbara E.

I have parkson and I have been coming to Dr. Bachenheimer for four visits. She has helped me a great deal. I feel great and my parskon has got much better. I have more energy and I do not sleep as much. I feel so much better and I will continue to come for her treatments.
– M.G.

I have been suffering with chest, thoracic, and neck pain for over a year. I have taken medication daily for that entire time. When all other medical treatment had been exhausting, I made an appointment with Dr. Bachenheimer. It has been two weeks since my first adjustment and I have only needed the pain madication three times. I feel much better! Besides feeling physically better, the office staff and doctor are all friendly, pleasant, caring and accomodative. I would strongly suggest you try chiropractic treatment to feel better!
– Kathleen F.

Dr. B has been extremely helpful in getting me back to where I need to be. I was suffering from extreme pain starting in my neck and extending to my upper back and ribs area. The pain was so unbearable that I could not sleep or find relief in any position-standing, sitting, or laying down. To complicate matters further, I was pregnant and therefore, due to the potential risks to my baby, it was not advised to use the traditional tools of diagnosis. Dr. B took me in and diagnosed my condition as pinched nerves resulting from herniated discs. Over a period of just a few days, she as able to perform a series of adjustments and treatments which initially brought relief, but also completely alleviated my problem. She also provided instructions on how to care for myself so as to continue to improve and avoid the pain I was suffering. All of this, she did without the help of X-Ray diagnostics- I am truly amazed and extremely pleased with the results!
– Sharon M.

After suffering a herniated disc and fracture that resulted in severe pressure as well as damage to nerves in my lower back. I was advised to undergo surgery as the only means to save the nerve. After treatment with Dr. Bachenheimer my nerves have began healing and I am now pain free, and MOST importantly, without surgery!
– Allen L.

Dr. B and her staff have been a source of help and inspiration to me. My lower back pain has dissapeared. Through Dr. B’s guidance, I have lost weight and continue to lose weight. I feel healthy, stronger and look younger! In addition, I have learned strategies to decreasse my level of stress. I am encouraged and uplifted by Dr. B and her staff- Thank you so much!
– Elisa D.

I am a 72 year old senior who has been coming to Dr. Bachenheimer for a few years now. I now stand straight with my head up without discomfort in my neck. I am also developing muscles in my upper arms which really seems amazing at my age. Really am feeling much better about myself because of the good care I have received.
– Anne V.

I suffer with fibromyalgia and at times the pain in so bad I want to cry. A short time after Dr. Bachenheimer’s adjustment, I felt completly pain free for a few days! What a relief to be pain free without any meds!! Thank you!
– Claudine R.

Dr. Bachenheimer has made such a difference in my life. I was raised thinking if you don’t feel good you go to the medical doctor. After meeting Dr. Bachenheimer and getting adjusted weekly, there is no need for me to go to the medical doctor. For the past three years I have not taken any medication. I’ve done everything Dr. B tells me to do. I take vitamins, drink my Greens First. What a wonderful feeling to be able to heal with out perscriptions.
– Jennifer T.

Ever since Dr. B has used the flexion distraction technique on me, my sciatica has never come back!
– Christine C.

Back in 2003 I had fallen off a roof and the subsequent x-rays shows severe dedication of the vertebra in my spine due to years of parachutting. This led to a spinal fusion of L4-L5& S1. I was doing well for years following the surgery. As time passed the pain increased and after several consultations with orthopedists over several months they stated that further surgery was necessary. Before agreeing to another surgery and months of rehabilitation I took my wife’s recommendation and tried chiropractic adjustments. At first, I mocked the idea of chiropractic adjustments helping me, but to my amazement (and delight) during the first 2 weeks of treatment with Dr. Bachenheimer my pain started to ease up and I was able to stand up straight! When i mentioned to my surgeon that I was going to a chiropractor he laughed at me and stated that I was throwing away my money. Well, now 2 months into Dr. B’s treatment i no longer feel the need for surgery! I am standing straighter and have cut down on my pain medication drastically. All I’ve got to say is if it weren’t for Dr Bachenheimer I would be having surgery and under going rehabilitation instead of being able to resume all of the activities I enjoy with my wife!
– Rocco T.

I have not been sick or had the flu since I have been a patient of Dr. Bachenheimer. I am ver satisfied with her care.
– Michael .R.

I cannot adequetly express my gratitude for the quality of life you have returned to me. For a number of years I suffered from pain in the ball of my foot and knee. The pain and stiffness had become a part of my life. I was told there was nothing that could be done for my foot and that knee replacement surgery was necessary. The very first time we met you said “You’re very crooked.” I knew you saw something that other doctors did not. After about three weeks of adjustments, I no longer needed the foot pads and knee brace. After 5 weeks, I was dancing at my company’s holiday party! I wasnt even aware of the discomfort in my neck anymore until your adjustments relieved that stiffness and restored that range of motion. I cannot believe how much better I feel without the need for prescription medication or surgery! Your friendly and caring staff creates the perfect balance to every visit. I look forward to continued improvement and seeing everyone in the New Year!
– Betty A

Since I have been going to Dr. Bachenheimer for the problems I’ve been having for my back I have had many improvements during my running. I also haven’t had any pain since visiting.
– Eddie .V.

After my car accident 5/26/09 I was in a great deal of pain. I had met Dr. Bachenheimer once before in a question and answer session at Rossevelt Field mall. She seemed quite sincere in her desire to help people. It was after my car accident when I went to her looking for relief. She not only helped me almost immediately, but continues to give me the support I need. Other doctors have even suggested surgery (very scarey) but with Dr. Bachenheimers help I believe I will be able to avoid it. Her reccomendation of a DDS traction belt with her instructions works great when I am not being adjusted by her great hands
– Joe .P.

I have never had my fever from pneumonia break so quickly after being adjusted!
– Michael H.

Since I’ve been coming to Dr. Bachenheimer for treatment I have not suffered from the migrane headaches which I was having quite frequently. My lower back pain has lessened, and the tingling in my fingers is gone. My general health has improved and I feel wonderful.
– Loren W.

I have been coming to Dr. Bachenheimer for holistic care for seventeen years. I have a job that puts tremendous strain on my back and joints. I had pains in my back and legs. Dr. Bachenheimer impressed me with her intent to educate me about my condition before any treatment. Once everything was explained to me I received my first adjustment, after x-rays and exam. As my treatment progressed I no longer had the herniations in the discs in my back which was causing the pain. I continued to come because my job is strenuous. Continued treatments have me living virtually pain free.
– Lebrahne J.

I’ve been visiting Dr. Bachenheimer after a car accident that I was involved in. My back, shoulder, neck, and my spine were in bad shape. Dr. Bachenheimer has given me treatment and advice about how I could be active in my recuperation: exercise, holistic approach in my diet, and constant visits has helped me alleviate my condition. I feel much better now and I am still following treatment.
– Frantz M.

This past Saturday night I did something I haven’t done in years that I love to do…I danced fast and I woke up with no pain and a smile on my face. Thank you Dr. Bachenheimer.
– G. Walsh

I have a severe neck injury and a troublesome lower back. When the pain flares up I use moist heat, ice, and I stretch. I also walk as much as I can for exercise. That helps, but nothing compares to going to the chiropractor for a good adjustment. It not only helps a great deal physicially, but it also helps mentally. Dr. Bachenheimer and her staff are always friendly, helpful, and supportive. I recommend chiropractic care to help with neck and back injuries, and to maintain good health.
– Robert .A.

Recently, I have been going to a neurosurgeon for examinations. He suggested I have back surgery to correct a severe problem I have had due to a few injuries at work. If it wasn’t for Dr. Bachenheimer and the chiropractic care I received for the past sixteen and a half years, I would have needed the operation years ago. But right now, I am totally pain free and working one hundred percent! So I am not scheduling the operation! Also, I went horse back riding for three days in a row and did alot of walking. Thank you Dr. Bachenheimer for helping me to be pain free!
– George W.

Since taking Greens First, I have noticed an increase in energy. It seems that my stamina for exercise, cleaning, and dancing is much greater.
– Josephine D.

I have secondary progressive MS with Lyme Disease. Since last December, Dr. Bachenheimer has been coming to my house to give me chiropractic treatment after I fell and developed extremely bad sciatica. Last winter she would come twice a week without fail regardless of the weather. After I improved she would come once a week. Dr. Bachenheimer still faithfully comes once a week. Last week I got good news from my neurologist. He said that a person as sick as I am should be getting worse and worse, but instead I am getting better and better. My MRI has been stable. He tested me with a tuning fork, I tested 18 on one leg and 16 on the other leg – 20 is normal. He said each time he tested me it keeps getting better. I used to have horrible neck and skull pain and TMJ due to my lyme disease. Dr. Bachenheimer has also been able to relieve me from pain without taking pain killers. My TMJ and sciatica disappeared along with so many other symptoms. Presently she is even addressing the spasticity in my fingers, toes and brainstem which I am responding to very well. Dr. Bachenheimer is a very committed and caring doctor which is very hard to find. It is hard to find a doctor who will give me a home visit, even in the rain and snow. Now that’s what I call real commitment and caring! Dr. Bachenheimer truly has a heart of gold. She has helped me in so many ways!! Thank you Dr. Bachenheimer!!
-Kathy B.

I have been experiencing lower leg and ankle pain for about six months. As a runner, it is very difficult to reach my goals if I am experiencing pain during a race. I have committed to a schedule of chiropractic adjustments, massages, and orthotics in order to resolve my leg and ankle problems. I have also consulted an orthopedic doctor who also recommended orthotics and massage. I have been a patient of Dr. Bachenheimer and a believer in chiropractic for many years. The combination of orthotics, adjustments, and massages has been great! I am back on track in terms of my running and recently completed a 10K race in Eisenhower Park at a 7:17 pace! Thanks Dr. B!!!
– Sharon F.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for what you have done for me. For over twenty years, I have suffered from neck, shoulder and lower back pain. I had attributed the pain to job related stress. Your preliminary examination proved that my difficulty was related to subluxation. I am still in the early stages of treatment, but your re-examination of me showed that there wa a considerable improvement. The teatments are enabling me to return to leading a normal life, and as a matter of fact, I am also experiencing renewed enthusiasm and zeal. You are to be complimented for your professionalism. You demonstrated genuine concern for me as illustrared by your periodic phone calls, mailings and overall follow up. You cared for me as a person, and in advance, I thank you for your continued care.
– Henry A.

Since I’ve been coming to Dr. B, my neck and back have never felt better. In the small time i’ve missed in between visits, I have noticed the difference. From now on I’ll be doing everything possible to make sure I dont miss anymore (appointments) Thanks Dr.B!
-Darryl S.

Out of all the doctors & medical practicioners I’ve seen -I feel that Dr. Bachenheimer is by far the best.
– Jason G.

Thanks to Dr. B my blood pressure has been normal for the six months since I have been seeing her. The three years proir to seeing Dr. B, I was hospitalized twice for hyperextension and my blood pressure was at the critical point even while taking medication. I went to Dr. B initially for back pain, but the extra benefits of her care are amazing.
– Theresa M.

My Sons have been suffering with their allergies this season. Everything we tried did not help. When Dr. B suggested D-Hist I said I will try it. My sons both got relief so quickly and asked why it took me so long to find this. Thanks Dr B!
– Victoria W.

I have had Dr. Bachenheimer adjusting my TMJ, neck and back for overall well being since 2004 and have never felt better. She is truly a credit to her profession!
– Daniel R.

Since I have been seeing Dr. Ronda Bachenheimer, my pain in my hands and feet has completely gone away!!
– Michael S.